Our child care room can be used for free for people with valid pass or child care room ticket. Parents have to register beforehand with their names, telephone numbers, signatures, the service they use in F&M fitness and more or Fájdalom Ambulancia, and the period of time they wish their child to spend there

We kindly ask the parents to adjust themselves to the opening ours.

Parents can stay in our child care room only during the time the child gets used to the new environment and people.

It’s forbidden to enter the room wearing shoes.

We welcome children till the age of 10.

We welcome healthy children who do not suffer from any infectious disease and who can be brought into a new community. If according to the child care assistant any of the conditions mentioned above do not meet, she has the right to refuse the child.

It’s forbidden to consume food in the room. (We kindly ask the parents to use our child care service after eating.)

All the toys have to be used properly and cannot be taken out of the territory of the child care room.

If a child due to his or her age uses nappy, sufficient diapers have to be provided by the parents.

Although professional caretakers take care of the children, they can only be left there by parental agreement and liability.

The child left in the child care room can only be taken away by the person who registers in the childcare statement before.

More information on our regulations can be requested at the reception desk or the child care personnel.