About us

F&M (fitness and more) is one of Hungary’s most up-to-date fitness-medical centres of a territory of 2700 m2, located in MoM Sport, Buda. Our facility is special because of its unique health-centred point of view, based on our collaboration with a professional partner, Pain-Clinic (Fájdalom-Ambulancia) healing centre founded in 2003, specialised in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal traumas.

We are determined to come up with a conscious training plan for each and every guest of ours that is based on their personal physical characteristics and capabilities, is preventive and helps them develop and reach their own goals. Our state-of-the-art movement lab has every equipment to test walking, balance, maximum-power, knee-joint movement, or even analyse the state of the spine with 3D ultrasound, to find out hidden sources and possible development areas of the body, as well as overloaded body parts or injury risk-points.

Beside our professional Cybex fitness equipment and carefully planned fitness sessions, our mission is to settle a whole new fitness culture in Hungary, and by playing an innovative role in this area to show to our guests how can sport and training be transformed into a conscious lifestyle.

More than 20 different class types are waiting for our guests in stylish, air-conditioned rooms with high-end sound systems. (Aerobic, Spinning, Hot Iron, DeepWork, TRX, functional cross-training, BodyART, Bodyshaping, Dance etc.), or they can enjoy sauna, steam- or infra cabins at our wellness lounge.

Another unique service is cryotherapy treatment at Pain-Clinic (Fájdalom-Ambulancia), which – beside several positive physiological effects – is a superb addition to daily trainings or can be part of rehabilitation.

We planned our service range to give everybody the opportunity to find the preferred form of moving, and to feel comfortable, and spend a good time at us. For our guests arriving with small kids, we offer a child care room with trained nurse.

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