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Being exposed to extreme cold temperature, the body rings the alarm bell, and calls for action. To balance that impact our organs increase their operation which also boosts the immune system and starts the self-healing processes of the body.

During cryotherapy the body is exposed to a temperature of minus 120-170 C° for a very short time (2-3 minutes) in a special cabin, specifically designed for this treatment. In the cabin the temperature is decreased slowly and continuously. The air is very dry, thus the body does not get frozen despite the extreme colt temperature.

Experiencing this extreme temperature might sound frightening at first, however, the feeling is not similar to the familiar “feel cold” or freezing. It can be characterised rather as a very unique experience with countless positive physiological effects.

The unique technology of cryotherapy enables the enjoyment of all the positive effects of the extreme low temperature during that few minutes of the treatment.



  • Against acute and chronic pain
  • For the termination of fatigue and depression
  • For the treatment of endocrine problems and infertility
  • For strengthening the immune system


  • Increasing performance
  • For treating sport injuries


  • For ceasing cellulite
  • 500 kcal less in few minutes
  • Beautiful, tight and immaculate skin



Generally bad state of health, fever, decompensated heart and cardiovascular diseases, acute and sub-acute phase of heart attack, pacemaker, cerebral circulatory disorder, cerebral blood vessel catastrophes, hypertonia stage II. (<180/100 Hgmm), cardiac decompensation stage II., conduction disorder, arrhythmia, active stage of lung tuberculosis (TBC), increased predisposition to haemophilia, high degree of anaemia, hypothyrosis, malignant tumor, Raynaud’s syndrome, acrocyanosis, cryoglobulinema, hysterical neurosis, haemophilia, infectious diseases, pregnancy, children below the age of 10

Information on cryotherapy

The therapy is supervised by one of our professional colleagues, and takes place in a separate room in our wellness department which can be reached walking through the locker rooms.

The treatment has to be done by turning around slowly meanwhile holding the head up high. Our colleague is present during the whole period of the treatment, supervises your safety, helps you with everything and answers your questions.

Suggested frequency: First week maximum three times, with at least one day gap between the treatments. After the second week the therapy is allowed four times a week. The frequency of the following treatments is set according to everyone’s own sensibility to the therapy.

Suggested garment: socks, two-piece swimsuit (bikini)/underwear, for men underwear with classic form is advised.


The usage of cryotherapy:

  • After training: before starting the treatment the temperature of the body has to decrease to the normal level, sweat also has to be avoided. The usage of different lotions and cream is only allowed minimum two hours before the therapy.
  • Before training: workout can be started right after treatment.
  • Other treatments: Massage and physiotherapy are suggested after cryotherapy.

Other important information:

  • The treatment can only be started with dry skin (sweating and greasy cream on skin is not allowed).
  • Using the solarium or sauna is not advised before the treatment.
  • The usage of solarium, sauna, thermal bath or hot bath is only allowed minimum 6 hours after the therapy.
  • Inhaling nitrogen is forbidden!


  • “Introductory pass” of 2 occasions: 6 000 Ft
  • 1 occasion: 6 000 Ft
  • 5 occasions 27 500 Ft
  • 10 occasions: 50 000 Ft
  • 20 occasions: 89 000 Ft

Making an appointment:

Telephone: +36 1 33 44 222, +36 70 33 44 222


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