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Infrared chamber

In case of infrared saunas, the room is heated by infra rays instead of electric or wood heated stoves. Infra rays belong to the invisible spectrum of light with a wavelength of 2-25 micrometer. They can penetrate deeply the human body and can heat it from the inside. The veins expand which enhances the continuous blood flow, the metabolism speeds up, and the resistance of the body increases. Unnecessary material and toxins leave the body by sweating, during the metabolism produced by cell activation and blood circulation.

Due to its different operation, bathing in infrared chambers has also other effects than Finish sauna (see the section on health of the description of Finish sauna).

  1. Infrared saunas work at lower temperature than the Finish ones, which feels more comfortable.
  2. 30 minutes of bathing in infrared saunas results 300 Kcal loss. Compared to ordinary saunas, it relaxes the muscles more effectively and shapes better the body by the intense stimulation of the lymphatic circulation. Therefore it’s highly recommended for people on diet.
  3. It has significant positive effect on the skin due to its pore cleansing and cell regenerating impact.
  4. Compared to traditional saunas, infrared sauna bathing produces 3 times more sweat with a 20-60 times detoxifying potential, and 3-7 times more non-water type components can be found in sweat.

One of the most important parts of infrared sauna is the heater. The heating time of the older ceramic heaters is longer – due to its structure, as well as, its radiating surface is much smaller than that of the most modern carbon based heaters. Due to their big surface, the carbon heaters operate at a much lower surface temperature. Therefore using carbon heaters is a very safe method, they can even be touched while working. It is not the case with ceramic heaters, they really get hot. (That’s why a grid is used for protection that can be seen in pictures as well).

There are infrared saunas, which heater emits extremely narrow wavelength infra rays (9,4 microns), the same as the ones coming from the sun. These infrared saunas are called sun saunas. This way, all sun saunas are infrared saunas, but not all infrared saunas are sun saunas.

The sun sauna is more effective, as it uses less electricity, – 97% of the energy is used for producing the “sun rays”. These most modern saunas could have been made by the invention of carbon heaters.

2 infrared saunas for 2 people each are available at our wellness section.