What is Itensic deep muscle effect training?

The stability of our body is given by the spine and the muscles attached to it, more specifically the deep abdominal and back muscles. Strengthening these muscles is of vital importance since only a stable core can serve as a basis of both everyday and sport movements. Our 3 pieces of brand new equipment – Intensic f-effect, Intensic s-effect and Intensic b-effect - is designed to strengthen these deep stabilising muscles. During the exercises the spine is stabilized, and the pelvis is mobile. With the tailor made settings of the machines you are able to train your important deep muscles consciously, in a targeted way, without the risk of injury. Be either a professional, or a hobby sportsman, or one of our patients needing rehabilitation, we highly recommend you train with Itensic machines. Itensic machines are ideal for those who focus on not only having a perfect looking belly, but also on minimizing the risk of overloading and the injury of the vertebral disk.


All Intensic machines stabilize the spine while the pelvis is mobile, which is the other way round when using ordinary machines. The deep muscles of the trunk can be trained effectively without the risk of injury.

In the video you receive useful pieces of advice how to use the machines, although our professional trainers at F&M fitness and more can also give you a hand.

Itensic f-effect

Itensic f-effect („Front”) stimulates the outer transverse abdominis and the inner transverse abdominis. The hip flexor do not function compensatory, unlike with other machines.

Itensic s-effect

Itensic s-effect(„Side“) works on the musculus transverse abdominis. The abductors do not join the movement, unlike with other machines.

Itensic b-effect

Itensic b-effect(„Back“) trains the inner back muscles, especially the multiple tissue muscle. The hip extensor muscles do not function compensatory, unlike with other machines.