The 12-week-long lifestyle program of F&M fitness and more

You have already tried several magic diets and none of them resulted in permanent success? It’s high time you thought of not only losing weight by eating less, but change your lifestyle. We know it’s not easy, but the professional team of F&M fitness and more and Fájdalom Ambulancia helps you with everything. We give you the training plan and the nutrition consultation, and if you add your endurance and enthusiasm, you can get not only a new body, but a new life!

The doctors of Fájdalom Ambulancia, the trainers of F&M fitness and more, the swimming instructors MoM Sport and the Best Body Nutrition team decided to change the life of 3 lucky ones, who have been chosen by an internet poll. During the past 12 weeks Csilla, Szilvi and András have lost altogether 40 kilos, but what’s more, in that 3 months their lifestyle has changed completely! Like them, you can also reach this now with the help of the FAT NO MORE program of F&M fitness and more!

Now watch them change!

andr csillszilvi

andrás sz


András has not only lost 20 (!) kilos, but his body fat percentage has decreased from 24,3 to 13,9 %. His metabolic age was 41 years at the beginning of the program, however, after 12 weeks due to the trainings and healthy nutrition it was the same as that of a 16 year-old boy…



csilla sz


Csilla has lost 13,1 kilos during the program, while her muscle mass has increased!

Which means she lost the grease, that’s why not surprisingly her body fat percentage has decreased from 44,7 to 36%. Moreover, in 12 weeks she has also got 8 years younger according to her metabolic age, as a result of the trainings and healthy nutrition.


szilvi számok


Szilvi has lost 7,5 kilos during the program, and her body fat percentage has decreased from 32,6 to 27,7 °%.

Furthermore she got exactly 12 years younger in 12 weeks.



Now it’s also available for you, if you join our personalised program!

Wish to lose weight? Choose well! 12 weeks ago Csilla, Szilvi and András made the right decision when opted for the 12 week-long lifestyle program of F&M fitness and more and Mom Sport. Not only because Csilla has lost 13,1, Szilvi 7,5 and András 20 kilos so far, but also because they lost weight in a healthy way, from their fat! A lot of people on diet choose wrong! They are longing for success in 1-2 weeks by magic pills and cheap weight loss machines, every time in vain. As opposed to this FAT NO MORE program is the choice of healthy weight loss! Instead of magic pills tailor made diet, instead of cheap weight loss machines detailed health check and a training program designed by professional trainers, and conscious work! If you wish to lose weight, make the right decision! Choose the FAT NO MORE program, just like András, Csilla and Szilvi

What is FAT NO MORE program?

FAT NO MORE is a tailor made 3 month-long weight loss program, by the help of which we have already changed the lives of 3 lucky people. Szilvi (31), Csilla (48) and András (31) have experienced a tremendous change with the help of the professional team of F&M fitness and more, Mom Sport and Best Body Nutrition. Now it’s your turn!

If you also want to change your life, all you have to do is to join the F&M fitness and more team and start our 3 month-long weight loss program under the supervision of medical specialists, professional trainers, physiotherapists, human kinesiologists and nutrition experts.

The program is based on a pre-designed system, where your actual state of health, fitness level and of course the goals you would like to reach by losing weight are taken into consideration. Our team of professionals guarantees that everything is carried our professionally and among controlled circumstances.

What does FAT NO MORE program contain?

  • Medical consultation with MB Mátyás Magyar orthopaedic traumatologist specialist. During the consultation the diagnosis is made, and the wished weight is set together as a goal.
  • Tailor made offer which contains the combination of the following services:
  • Examinations: Maximum strength measurement – Easy Torque, walking-running analysis – Zebris Rehawalk, examination of the proprioceptive system – Postural Line, FMS (Functional Movement Screen), medical body composition testing,
  • Personal treatments: remedial massage, physiotherapy, personal training
  • Cryotherapy
  • Nutrition consultation: composition of the necessary nutritional supplements

How can I join the FAT NO MORE program?

The conditions of the program:

  • Preliminary medical consultation with specialist 12 000 HUF.
  • Tailor made budget based on the necessary examinations/analysis defined during the medical consultation, on the personalised training program and nutritional consultation.
  • The purchase of a 3 months all day combined pass for 51 900 HUF

Fat no more: Get rid of your extra weight and spend the first 12 weeks of your new life with us!