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Come and get fit in one of the most modern fitness facilities of Hungary, at F&M fitness and more! Why? Because at us, you get a complete package of sport facilities: certified personal trainers, personalised nutrition guidance, professional fitness equipment, advanced medical background, quality dietary supplements, personal training plan, wellness unit, cryotherapy.
We give you a hand to make sport your lifestyle. Our slogan: Do it right! At F&M fitness and more, you can find all the help for this. MORE»

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The master of abdominal work out: Itensic

The unique Itensic pieces of equipment can only be found in Hungary at F&M fitness and more. They help you to train your key muscles, the deep abdominal and back muscles consciously, in a very special tailor made way, without the risk of injury.. More…

Wish to lose weight? Make the right decision!


Our FAT NO MORE program is the choice of healthy weight loss!

The program is based on a pre-designed system, where your actual state of health, fitness and of course the goals you would like to reach by losing weight are taken into consideration.More…

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Fájdalom Ambulancia


Suffering from musculoskeletal system problems? Fájdalom Ambulancia, our professional medical partner is at your disposal More…


jegszaunakiskepYou would like to make your efforts for losing weight more efficient? Having articular problems? Fighting against sports injury? Try cryotherapy at F&M fitness and more! More…